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View Diary: Che Guevara Smacks Bush! (205 comments)

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  •  Latin America must help us save US from itself (4.00)
    I have been watching the US economic imperialism with growing unease. It will be our doom in the long run. Since US seems to lack the political will (or awareness) to stop alienating the world, at least at the moment, I look forward to Latin America kicking US economic manipulations out of US.

    I am not all that hot on Chavez, but in helping unite Latin America in pursuit of their own economic interests (rather than letting US use them in pursuit of our economic imperialism), they help us save US from itself.

    •  Exactly Right (4.00)
      Latin Americans are no longer buying what the US is selling. After years of suffering, coups, and faux democracy, it's time for Latin Americans to create their own government--free of US interference.

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