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  •  Distraction to change subject (none)
    You're trying to justify one murderous rat bastard by pointing to other murders. Guess what. All the murderers are wrong. Gandhi proved that.

    You're also trying to distract from the truth about Che being a murderer by pulling the focus into a bunch of other directions. My response to that is... Che was a murderer.

    I'm getting increasingly suspicious you want to blow the shit outta something in the name of peace.

    •  Talk about changing the subject... (none)
      I never denied that Che killed people.  I am only pointing out that the vast majority of our own heroes would also be considered 'murderers' according to your criteria.  Apparently you don't want to face the consequences of that extension of your logic.
      •  Strawman. Strawman. Strawman. (none)
        I pointed to MLK and Gandhi as heroes.

        You have created this $%#@& strawman of OTHER people from history to use as justification of actions taken by Che and other Stalinists. Well, you're talking to someone who, for example, refuses to attend DEM Jefferson/Jackson day dinners because of what Jackson did to the Cherokees. I've got Howard Zinn books in the bookholder kept on my desk at all time, not stuffed in ther back of the bookshelf. I KNOW some of the things that have been done by Americans.

        The answer is real simple. Murder doesn't justify murder, and two wrongs do not make a right.

        You need to go a lot deeper into history. You need to find BETTER heroes.

        •  You continue to put words in my mouth (none)
          that I never uttered.  MLK and Gandhi are my heroes.    They are the example we should follow in our lives and that I try to follow in my own life.  

          I merely pointed out the hypocrisy in your views of Che, which is easily recognizable to everyone but yourself.  If you would denounce those who were and are much worse than Che with the same venom with which you denounce Che, I would have no problem with your views.  I know this is not the case, because I have given you ample opportunity to do so here, and you refuse.  Instead, you continue to parrot propaganda from the elitist right-wing portions of the Cuban-American community.    

          •  Murdering people wrong. The hypocrite is YOU (none)
            I don't accept the murderous actions of ANYONE. You're fine with murder if the one doing the murder is on your "side" of the poltical spectrum.

            That makes me a follower of MLK and Gandhi, and you a hypocrite who spits on the examples of Gandhi and MLK.

            •  I'll not continue to respond (none)
              to someone who attributes statements, which I have never uttered, to me.   I have never accepted murder, but apparently you do given the large number of murderers you refuse to denounce.


              •  I denounce ALL murderers. (none)
                I denounced all murders several times on this thread. You are lying if you claim I didn't. I refuse to accept all murderers as leaders or role models.

                Che is a murderer. He murdered unarmed prisoners. You defend Che. You defend murder when it's convenient to you.

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