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  •  IMHO, Gandhi wiped the slate clean (none)
    IMHO, Gandhi started progressivism over at square one. We don't need to include bad examples of our past any more.

    I simply refuse to accept murderers in my list of role models. I don't care what else they did. The fact they went on killing sprees of unarmed prisoners in their custody ruins any/all possible "legacy" they could have had to future generations. There are potential justifications for what happens on a battlefield during wartime conditions, but once someone starts killing those who are not armed and can't defend themselves, they have become the very thing we are fighting against.

    •  We agree more than I thought (4.00)
      I do not think Che should be a role model for progressives. I'm opposed to the death penalty even with a fair trial, so I find Che executing prisoners after the revolution to be particularly despicable.

      That being said, I don't think that this means we can't learn anything from Che. No historical world leaders that have lived up to every ideal. Some (like Che) are more flawed than others. But Martin Luther King slept around. So did FDR (to me our greatest president). During the Civil War, Lincoln set the precendent that the Bill of Rights does not apply during wartime by suspending habeas corpus.  Despite their flaws, we have a lot to learn from these great men.

      Che was not a great man.  But we can still learn something from him about integrity, commitment, and dedication. I have no doubt that he believed that his misguided cause and unacceptable tactics were serving the best interests of the world's poor, though I think he was wrong.  And I can respect his bravery in going against a country as powerful as the US, and one that had caused so much damage to Latin America.

      Progressives in the US don't need to adopt Che's tactics or theories.  But we could learn something this current crop of progressive leaders in Latin America. We may not be able to use the "s" word in the US without being branded as Commies, we could be a little less fearful of addressing issues of class and poverty in the US.

      "All the freaky people make the beauty of the world." - Michael Franti

      by SFprogressive on Mon Dec 12, 2005 at 02:20:52 PM PST

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