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  •  What's impressive (none)
    about the Autonomy Law is the circumstances under which it was negotiated. While it didn't go into effect until 1987, the negotiations actually began in 1986 or even earlier, as the Sandinistas were under the most severe military pressure from the contras, and Reagan was clearly backing the Miskitos as a third front in the war.

    I think international solidarity pressure was key, because the FSLN leadership seemed clearly disposed to address the problem militarily, but in the end the Sandinistas did in fact negotiate and gave up substantial concessions from their initial posiiton.

    The Miskitos might very well not be happy with all the terms of the Autonomy Law, and perhaps if the negotiations hadn't occurred in the middle of an imperialist war of conquest -- with the imperialists taking their side -- things might have worked out differently.

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