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  •  Right. (none)
    Daily Kos is actually under constant assault by trolls.  It is the largest political blog in the universe after all.

    From my experience, sites that have moderation are the biggest targets for trolls. It creates a double incentive. It gives them attention. They love to be outlaws.

    In contrast, on unmoderated forums, trolls get bored quickly, especially if users ignore them. Trolls crave attention. Negative moderation is fun for them.

    Ignorance is bliss, and my very best advice is that you be yourself.  Less to remember.

    I try to ignore moderations, but I find it impossible to ignore the large-scale effects that moderation systems have had on discussion in general.

    Don't get me wrong, kos is far better than most places. I'm just concerned that, like global warming, these problems will be ignored before we realize they are real problems.

    How long before every goddamn piece of writing has a "how did you rate this" box below it?

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