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  •  Ultimately, we agree (none)
    You say it's a false dichotomy, I say we can multi-task and do both.

    I do tend to take a more cynical view of politics, particularly when we're looking to 2006. We aren't going to win on positives, not when the entire country is focused on the scandals, the crimes, the corruption of the Republicans. That will (or should) be the story of 2006, not the great, positive plans of the Democrats. I hope we do have great, positive plans--but they aren't going to be what sell us to the American people, IMHO. This year, the main selling point for us is that we aren't them.

    And we also disagree on the most critical issue facing us right now, which is fine. I say it's privacy and the encroachment of the fundamentalist theocracy into public life. That's my immediate target. Globally, and long-term, absolutely it's energy, for a huge number of reasons. But right now, we've just got to get one of the houses of congress on our side to be able to put the brakes on and stop the worst of it from happening. Then we start working on molding them into what we want them to be.

    "I have a philosophy about elections. I believe issues divide and values unite."--Gov. Brian Schweitzer

    by Joan McCarter on Tue Dec 13, 2005 at 09:47:50 AM PST

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    •  Effectiveness (none)
      Same problem, though, with Republican corruption. There is a need to show Democrats as an alternative.  Otherwise, Independents may simply not vote. So there is a need to have a positive plan there, to show that we aren't them, when it comes to corruption. Otherwise we will not be making the most of this opportunity. And that is not such an easy task.

      A bit more about where this blog actually has impact. It is my perception that it has actually been a lot more successful when focused on issues than when focused on getting people elected. Take Armando's work on torture, which seems to have been really successful. That sort of focus on issues can translate into electoral success.

      As far as relative importance of issues go, here is a story. Amy Goodman was once doing a two-part show. The first part was on India and Asia, and the second part was on domestic elections. When the first part was over, Amy Goodman thanked her guest, an Indian woman, and said (essentially) "OK, you can go now." The woman said, "No, I am not going to go, because your elections affect the rest of the world." And she participated in the rest of the show.

      It may be that there is a more immediate threat to our privacy rights, but we are only 270 million out of 6 billion, and we are so advantaged in all other ways. Energy depletion affects everyone in the world. Global warming is a known, proven threat to all 6 billion, not to mention all other creatures on this earth. On the other hand, opinions still vary on the seriousness of the Republican threat to our rights. Are they serious, or are they just going to continue to use it to get votes?

      Anyway, that's where I am coming from on relative importance of issues.

      Finally, you and I may agree on multi-tasking, but  my perception is that the selection process was more narrow and focused. I admit, there is a question whether it is most efficient for a single blog to focus on a single issue.

      Pointless, incessant barking since Mon Feb 9, 2004 at 3:05:52 PM MST

      by Blue the Wild Dog on Tue Dec 13, 2005 at 10:10:33 AM PST

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