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  •  Hybrid Locomotives? (none)
    Are you sure you mean that GE's locomotives are hybrids now or what?  Their website only says that they've started designing a hybrid locomotive, which means that it will not be hitting the rails for another 12 to 18 months at the earliest.  The tricky part will be developing a battery system which can survive in the environment in which a locomotive operates.  Railroads are notoriously penurious and will not like replacing expensive battery sets on a frequent basis.  

    Otherwise, designing a hybrid locomotive is a "no brainer."  Railroad locomotives are all diesel electtric anyway, with the diesel driving a generator which powers motors located on all of the axles.  Add a control system to allow for reverse flow of the current (it's all DC anyway) and batteries to replace dead ballast and - voila - hybrid locomotive.  The crime is that GE didn't start working on this five years ago.  Wasn't Neutron Jack in charge back then?

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