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  •  It's a sad win-win for the right wing... (4.00)
    They don't like fact based reputable journalism anyway.  Anytime they can damage the reputation of a legitimate and respected news source, it works to their advantage.

    They don't even need the WaPo to start firing liberal columnists or running more conservative spin, just to make everyone afraid they will.

    Once all "news" is reduced to the level of openly partisan sources, they can then effectively dismiss any facts they don't like as "liberal bias" - whereas right now, they have to pay attention to such facts when they are published in the few remaining legitimate sources, like WaPo and the NYTimes.

    I am shocked though that this type of bullying works on WaPo - I can see a small paper or outlet being intimidated by the prospect of losing insider access, but WaPo is an institution.  Being "locked out" would just convince their readers they were onto something and the administration is afraid of them.

    I am against the teaching of evolution in schools. I am also against widespread literacy and the refrigeration of food.

    by Scientician on Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 10:22:12 AM PST

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