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  •  Truly disgusting (4.00)
    Froomkin's column "has itself become an obstacle to our work."

    WAPO:  Its not all about access, attending parties, rubbing elbows.  Its about writing the real story, getting to the facts, cutting thru the crap, challenging the spin.  If you are cutoff, write about being cutoff.  Rub their nose in that. Write about censorship.  And grow a spine will ya?  Maybe the post will run a column by Scottie as balance.  Another Woodward-esque, access-at-all-costs moment.

    •  call the bluff (4.00)
      Isn't it better for the Post's worsening reputation that it get succeeds in getting kicked out of the privileged inner WH collective?  The stigma of Woodward and now this are very bad omens that the paper desperately needs to get past.

      The next move would certainly be that the WH would be forced to reconsider - how would it look to the world if the Post were censored by the WH at this point?

      • WH blinks
      • WaPo no longer spews forth with offically sanctioned recycled propaganda  
      • Loss of access to venal republican politicos

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