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  •  What is pathetic about those reporters (none)
    is how they'll jump for a man who is currently under investigation for outing a covert agent; whose boss's poll numbers swirl around the bottom of the toilet; who they know basically lies to them all the time.

    The problem is not w/ Rove and the WH. We know they're bastards. The problem are these pathetic "professional" reporters too spineless to do the job they're supposed to. As oppose to sucking up.

    So to all those press types out there -- if you don't want to be considered a joke, stop acting like one.

    •  More importantly (none)
      an open letter to their publishers -

      You want people to buy papers? REPORT THINGS. Not just WH spin, not just Bush's talking points, not just the stuff I can hear on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.

      INVESTIGATE. Read foreign papers. Look stuff up for yourselves. Analyze data.

      I know, I know, it's hard work. And what's more, the Bushites will NOT like it.

      But maybe, just maybe, you'll sell more papers. And selling more papers means more MONEY.


      THAT they listen to.

    •  Agreed (none)
      That was one of the points I wanted to make.  The politicians are just behaving the way you would expect.  Its the press that is behaving bizarrely.

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