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View Diary: Reid Joins Feingold on PATRIOT filibuster w/ update (98 comments)

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  •  From the DailyKos FAQ: (4.00)
    "Many users believe that the rating system is intented to be an opportunity to express agreement or disagreement with a post, or with the poster themself. This is not accurate; ratings are intended to help elevate those posters that consistently make clear, good arguments and points, regardless of content, and to prevent trolls from invading the message board. Downrating commenters on the basis of agreement or disagreement with their arguments leads to a monolithic forum, free of new ideas and input.

    So, please don't downrate comments just because you disagree with them!"


    Just because you think it's a bad idea, he doesn't deserve a one.  

    •  Basic Rights... (4.00)
      ....are basic rights.

      A willingness to dicker and deal over habeas corpus is no less offensive, in and of itself, than the most violently offensive hate speech.

      The expression of a willingness to negotiate fundamental rights which have been protected under foundational Anglo-American law for over 500 years is no less offensive than a suggestion that there might be political advantage in allowing the imposition of theocracy in South Carolina, the reinstatement of slavery below the Mason-Dixon Line, the repeal of equal suffrage without regard to gender, the reestablishment of miscegenation laws, or the imposition of deed codicils which preclude any person of Jewish heritage from buying a given house.

      Willingness to sell out fundamental legal rights which inhere to all American citizens is not a mere opinion with which one may agree or disagree.

      Such a willingness is an affront to the Magna Carta, rule of law, an affront to the Declaration of Independence, an affront to the Revolution of 1776, an affront to the principles of the US Constitution, an affront to every soldier who has died in every war to protect and extend the full protection of the law to all citizens beyond the narrow circles of white male property owners and it is, in short, not merely pernicious, but evil: root, trunk, branch, stem, leaf and fruit.

      With all due respect, that is far more than a mere disagreement with opinion.

      •  greenskeeper, at first, I felt (with PaulVA and (none)
        andreuccio) that you had been a little over the top with your rating of FleetAdmiralJ. even though I fully agree that compromise on the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is stupid and dangerous. I feel so strongly about this vile Act, I stalked off to my bathroom, muttering "..and where is that band, who so vauntingly swore, that the havoc of war and the battle's confusion, a home and a country would leave us no more?" I finished by declaring to the commode, "They're in the White House, and the House of Representatives."
        Then I came back to my screen and read your response to andreuccio! I jumped back out of my chair, yelled "Shazam!" and pumped my fist. You are completely and superbly correct.

        To torridjoe: Thanks for a great diary. My first sight of your title really lifted my spirit.

        •  You talk to your toilet too? (none)
          Maybe it's something in the water here.  (It did catch fire once, after all.)

          Jumping on the bandwagon: (-3.63, -3.03) - Does that make me part of the right wing here?

          by someone else on Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 06:19:49 PM PST

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      •  no it's not (none)
        but I'm not going to rate you down. Or up. Disagreement, even with ideas you see as evil, is still disagreement. Your eloquent words are sufficient counter to the chance that anyone will thoughtlessly argue for the position you abhor. But the airing of such a thought (and your argument against it) is exactly what this forum is about, and giving the OP a 1 is not the way to speak out.

        OK, we need +6 in the Senate and +16 in the House. Put your game face on and get to work!

        by uffdalib on Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 02:59:53 PM PST

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      •  As suggested, waiting hides more torture, death (none)

        many blue, yellow and green dogs are a majority

        by Prove Our Democracy with Paper Ballots on Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 08:11:03 PM PST

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