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  •  I doubt it will take that long (none)
    The ONLY camp on our side of the political divide that is as sophisticated, motivated, unified, and effective as the religious right is on their side, is the gay community. All I can say about that is THANK GOD at least some of our players understand how to achieve large goals through teamwork.

    I really do think marriage equality (nice framing, by the way) will be universal far more quickly than most of us might imagine, simply because there is such a strong effort in support of it.

    -- I share no man's opinions; I have my own. -t -6.75 -3.79

    by tergenev on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:31:48 AM PST

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    •  How does the 'unified' gay community (none)
      view the Log Cabin republicans?

      Are they regarded more or less as a minor nusiance, irrelevant, headshakingly bipolar, or a real problem?

      •  Actually they have been doing good work (4.00)
        In the last few years since Patrick Guerrero (sp.) took over there.  The first thing he did was start conferencing with other gay groups and he laid down an order that anyone in LCR talking trash about liberal gay groups would be terminated.  He's said that LCR is a gay group first and foremost, not a Republican group.  
      •  Log Cabiners (4.00)
        Speaking as a straight partner of a bisexual who has been involved in the equality stuff for a while, I can say that on the state level the Log Cabin crowd has been valuable in getting a decent number of Republican state reps/senators to vote for equality.

        On the national level they're pathetic, though.

      •  LCR Okay? (none)
        Speaking as an active Democrat who is also a lesbian and a Stonewall Democrat, I can still say that I think the Log Cabin Republicans are A-Okay when they forget they're Republicans and work for equality for the LGBT community.

        Some of them are even okay when they act like moderate Republicans (if you're old enough to remember what the phrase moderate Republican means!).

        But when they're Bush supporters on non-gay issues, they're still a bunch of Republican jackasses!

        •  Thanks for the comments (4.00)
          (you and the above posters).

          So, it appears that the LCRers seem to actually be helpful - perhaps that's a stategy we all should emulate - namely, we should all join the Republican Party and change it from within and leave the DLC'ers to fade into much needed irrelevance.

          •  Actually, that's the reason (none)
            I'm going back to the Catholic Church.

            I'm sick of the fact that the Catholic Church has had much of the reforms of Vatican II undone by reactionary idealogues who seem to have forgotten that Christ taught about compassion for the poor more than any other topic.

            Time to start going back to Church, and do my best to be a good example of a Catholic who keeps the teachings of Christ in mind. Hopefully it will rub off on some people.

            Plus, being an "active Catholic" makes it more impressive when I tell the Archdiocese I won't be donating to them this year because of the fact that the American Council of Bishops has refused to condemn our illegal war, the immoral tax cuts, or politicians who promote capital punishment, even though Pope John Paul II spoke out against all of these things on a frequent basis.

            congratulations on your foreskin -- osteriser

            by bartman on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 01:09:44 PM PST

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