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  •  My father -- for an example ... (4.00)
    Life long Bay Stater here ...

    My father was very against the original decision.  While his arguments were weak, he just fell into the older generation's feeling that "Marriage = Man + Women". No other logic need apply.

    However, a funny thing has happened since May of 2004.  The world didn't change, stop or explode.  And, it turns out gays getting married didn't demean his own marriage - even though that was the rallying cry from the anti-gay side.  Further, my father (a college professor) works with 2 gay people who are now married. Recently, my wife attended gay wedding.

    My Dad is just an average Joe, living in a small town in the north central Mass. Yet, in less than two years even he has realized that gay marriage has become a norm. We have talked about the subject - and he has come full circle.  He just doesn't see it as an issue anymore.

    One other note:

    In 2004 Romney recruited House and Senate candidates to run on anti-gay agenda in an effort to pick up GOP seats at the State House.  They all lost - all of them.  If fact, the GOP lost seats in both houses.  

    So, I'm not surprised at those poll numbers at all.

    •  A lot of the opposition to gay marriage (4.00)
      is like that: shallow-rooted and quite easily overcome.

      Speaking as a member of the older generation who remembers accepting the attitudes of society in the bad old days forty years ago only because I didn't know any better, it's worth remembering that not every voter against gay marriage in all those amendments last year was a seething hate-filled bigot. Many of them were just reluctant to accept change.

      Once they see that their world doesn't really change, except that life has become better for some people they know and like, suddenly it's not an issue anymore.

      Folly is fractal: the closer you look at it, the more of it there is. - TNH

      by Canadian Reader on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 07:38:37 AM PST

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      •  And in addition.... (none)
        ....a lot of people don't like to think of themselves as hateful or bigots. Even if you ask a bunch of gay marriage opponents if they think it's okay to fire someone from their job for being gay, they'd say "no, of course not!" (well, the more casual opponents, not the Dobsonian fanatics). The issue of marriage just makes these more casual opponents think of the Catholic or Protestant church they grew up in being forced to perform same-sex marriages and that just doesn't sit well with them. I think the sooner they know that it's not going to be like that, the sooner they'll realize that same sex marriage is just about equality and freedom and not the downfall of society.

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