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View Diary: Miami Herald Reports on Hacking Tests of Voting Equipment -- Poll (201 comments)

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  •  The one obstacle (4.00), given the obvious corruption of certain election officials, how do you ensure that the hand counted predcincts were determined randomly.  I want to see it determined by a little machine with balls in it like they do for lotteries.

    Otherwise, how do we know that election officials don't deliberately keep 10% of precincts clean, then "randomly" select precincts from that subset to be hand counted?

    I saw hand-count them all.  Canada tabulates a national election by hand in about 4 hours, and the expense of doing do each year would be equal to, I'm guessing, what we spend in Iraq every day.

    •  Specify a procedure (4.00)
      I have to agree with your (and one other poster's) concern that the ballots used for sampling won't be chosen randomly. To solve this, you need to specify a specific procedure for the random choice, much as is done for existing state lotteries.
    •  In most precints that's less of a worry (4.00)
      Since by law there have to be two election judges, one from each party.  Theoretically that should keep things like random sampling from being manipulated

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      by Magorn on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 11:46:27 AM PST

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