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View Diary: Miami Herald Reports on Hacking Tests of Voting Equipment -- Poll (201 comments)

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  •  Are you saying that someone at the Boston Herald (none)
    Knows a guy who knows a guy with an ag scanner?
    Like someone at FOX News (like his cousin) knew W was going to win Ohio (just like the head of Diebold said he would)?

    If we were serious about voting and counting votes, we'd cast our votes on Thanksgiving and count 'em on Friday, each one by hand, and every registered voter would have an equal chance of being picked for counting duty.  If each counter counted 25 ballots per hour (it's government work, after all), 1% of registered voters, each working a four-hour shift (with generous breaks), could count the vote, and the results could be public by noon Pacific.

    All those Thanksgiving football games (at least here in the cradle of Thanksgiving) would be extra draws to local polling places.  Imagine...

    Democracy demands participation.  Not by computers, or tabulating machines, or agricultural scanners, but by people with an interest in the process.

    •  I agree with you (none)
      But your sarcasm shows that you didn't get my point, which is OK. There is tons of participation in this process. Like I said, a good, organized campaign, has volunteers at each precinct watching over the process, seeing the results as they are printed out of the machine, and understanding the results there. What this article is proposing is completely unrealistic and not viable. Limiting the number of polling machines in a precinct which creates long lines of potentially Democratic voters? Yeah, that's fraud and doable. But this isn't realistic.

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      by politizine2 on Fri Dec 16, 2005 at 06:26:02 PM PST

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