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View Diary: IL-06: Duckworth v Cegelis (270 comments)

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  •  Duckworth's military service (none)
    I'm guessing Rahm's also thinking Duckworth will benefit other IL Dems (i.e. Bean). Duckworth brings legitimacy to the party on Iraq, and she'll make really good photo ops (sorry to be cynical but it's true).

    I'm wondering if Emmanuel's trying to be a political maverick here--not backing a solid candidate in the 6th (Cegelis is a wonderful candidate, especially in contrast to Roskum) to maybe shore up the 8th.

    If that's the case, it'll be an example of the "candidate coattails" IL Dems enjoyed with another congressional candidate in '04 -- he's got a funny name, if I remember correctly.

    •  well, (none)
      i would rather have cegelis in congress than bean.  at least cegelis will take risks and explain her voting practices to her constituents.  
    •  Not sure if I agree with that theory (none)
      It seems a stretch to think that the 6th district's Democratic candidate is going to help the Democrat in the 8th district.
      Hell, most people who go to the polls can't even name their own congressional candidates.

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