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  •  Checks and Balances... (none)
    ...should be a major theme during the 2006 elections.

    The Republicans have shown, through their almost unlimited corruption and hubris (as well as with stories such as this spying-on-Americans item), that it is critical to introduce a political check on the current government, just as the Founders envisioned.

    Not only is this "checks and balances" meme true, but I think it will also plays well politically. I know first-hand here in Massachusetts that there's a major reason MA keeps electing GOP Governors -- it's because MA is hugely Dem controlled, and the voters want to place a check on that power.

    Obviously, the recent news on secret orders and so forth makes it even more important (and politically effective) that we press the "checks and balances" issue in '06.

    Democrats will fight for a Renewed Deal with the American people.

    by Hoyapaul on Fri Dec 16, 2005 at 10:44:54 AM PST

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