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View Diary: [ED] My detailed dissection of Robert F. Kennedy Jr 's misguided Op-Ed on Nantucket Wind in the NYT (390 comments)

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    I was truly hopeful about him several years back, and don't remember what turned me off to him --- it wasn't the autism thing, I know that. I also know i found myself thinking he sure does a lot of grandstanding on issus which really matter to me and which are very clouded by lots and lots of disinformation.

    He's not helping matters one bit, IOW, and is impeding progress, IMO.

    Why doesn't he talk about the damage domestic cats do to bird pops, for example? Perchance ... because it would really piss a lot of people off?

    Stuff like that. It's worse because you know he has access to the best possible information --- and he has the money and influence to get to that info. But he appears to be primarily interested in soundbytes. Shame.

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