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View Diary: [ED] My detailed dissection of Robert F. Kennedy Jr 's misguided Op-Ed on Nantucket Wind in the NYT (390 comments)

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  •  well (none)
    you can find the argument unconvincing, but you cannot say it's not a relevant argument.

    The discussion is about whether an offshore windfarm damages the view from shore. I provide pictures plus links for an actual offshore windfarm, where that very same question has been examined. Feel free to say how this is not a good enough comparison, but please acknowledge that it is a relevant argument.

    In the long run, we're all dead (Keynes)
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    by Jerome a Paris on Sun Dec 18, 2005 at 09:36:12 AM PST

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    •  if your photo showed that (none)
      they weren't visible from shore, you might have a leg to stand on.

      As it is, the photo clearly indicates that they're visible.

      You may not think they're ugly or that they impede the view, but you don't have to live there.  You don't even know what the view looks like now, so how can you say that it would be just the same?  

      In short, you can't use these photos as an "argument".

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Sun Dec 18, 2005 at 09:43:06 AM PST

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