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View Diary: Domestic Spying is NOT About Terrorism. It is About Dissent UPDATED (152 comments)

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  •  and some more (none)
    A high school student in California was visited by FBI agents because, two years ago, he doodled the phrase "PLO" on a book binder.  

    A college student in Massachusetts was visited by Homesland Security agents because he requested a copy of Mao tse-tung's "The Little Red Book" from the campus library.  He was doing a research paper on, fittingly, fascism and totalitarianism, and the book was part of his research.

    •  i liked how you used the word (none)
      "fittingly" when describing the paper he was working on.  No doubt, he learned more about totalitarianism from HS than from the "Little Red Book".  But then again, bushie is the "educahion" preznit.

      explain how letting gays marry will directly affect your own heterosexual relationship?

      by bluestatesam on Sun Dec 18, 2005 at 11:54:40 PM PST

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