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View Diary: Domestic Spying is NOT About Terrorism. It is About Dissent UPDATED (152 comments)

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  •  What makes you think they're incompetent? (4.00)
    This administration wants you to underestimate them. The Bush team knows exactly what they are doing. Just because their actions don't fit the job descriptions of their various government posts doesn't mean that they blew it. That's why some of those assholes got medals from Shrub. They did their job according to plan and kept their mouths shut about it. That's why nobody's been fired, either. Except for Brownie who became a political liability. The Hurricane Katrina fiasco was designed to prepare us to accept a military solution much more quickly in the future, aka martial law. Brownie did do a heckava job! And the NSA is doing a heckava job right now.

    Did you notice how well Shrub spoke tonight on TV? No grammatical mistakes? No malapropisms? I'm sure his usual speechifying was to get us to misunderestimate him. No more. The gloves are off.

    •  Brownie- 60 days pay (4.00)
      Notice also that "heckuva job" Brownie got 60 days to ease his transition to the right wing think tanks that are sure to snap up this lame idiot.

      Bush is absolutely the Worst President Ever, what sort of Osama been forgotten attack will he set up for 2008?  I can just see the slimy Bush trying to pull a Giuliani and refuse to get out of office in 2009.  The only hope we have their is that the Cat-Killer Frist and others want to elbow their way to the White House.  Otherwise the light at the end of the tunnel is this:

      Just 1,159 more days of Bush!  

      Will there be any constitution left at all?

    •  No, no (none)
      they're really that stupid.

      At least I think so......

      Paranoid men, intent on consolidating and solidifying power, may appear intelligent, but, because they are often narcissistic, are unable to recognize, or admit, mistakes.

      They simply cannot acknowledge bad decisions, and therefore they cannot adequately analyze and correct problems.

      In the end, this leads to faulty decision making, which ultimately leads to downfall.

      Their system of leadership is incapable of change, or adapting to new circumstances.

      And what doesn't change, falls apart.

      It's scientific.

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