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View Diary: Domestic Spying is NOT About Terrorism. It is About Dissent UPDATED (152 comments)

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  •  Family talk (none)

    "They" don't want to talk - "they" call you a traitor, full of crap, accuse you of being disloyal to family members (in the military), a disgustingly shameful, liberal idiot, etc. Like listening to Rush & Bush.  

    Knowing being in a room with guns makes you nervous, they bring them out and sling them around.  

    Three-four years of it is enough, thank you. These people have been enboldened by Bush & Co.  Remember that billboard which was posted from WVA?  These folks endorse it everyday!  They love to hate - gives purpose to their lives.

    I suspect there are too many others in the same situation.

    It is interesting that when older members of this family were alive during the V-N days, we listened but did not even tell them we disagreed.  We also refrained from rubbing Watergate in their Republican noses.  Unfortuately, the younger members do not grant us the same courtesy.  

    Good luck with your campaign, lipris!


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