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View Diary: Evo Morales Wins and Bush's New Bird Shit War (91 comments)

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  •  Mostly I agree with you. (none)
    But don't underestimate the white earphone generation. There are some amazing protest musicians out there right now, not to mention podcasts and other audio downloads from authors such as Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and radio such as Air America, Pacifica, etc.

    They're not all listening to Linkin Park.

    •  Time to listen, time to be in the real world (none)
      While shopping on Saturday in a packed mall in Maryland, I saw many shoppers with the ipods on, and several others with the cell-phone on the ear thing where they just talk constantly on that thing!  It totally blocks the one ear, and reminds me exactly of Fahrenheit 451, I had forgotten the "seashells" in the ear part of F-451 until I recently re-read it.

      I have nothing against the musicians, but it just seems bizarre to me for people to spend their lives with earphones inserted.  I've seen many people walking in the country with their earphones in place.  So they miss the bird calls and other animals, plus when they go to cross a road they could be run over.  

      Howard Zinn is great, did you read the follow-up to "A people's history", "Voices of People's history of the US"?  It was also quite interesting, I wish we could get some more activists like Mr. Zinn to take on the evil Bushites.  They are much worse than Nixon and REagan, Bush 2 combines the worst of three presidents:  Hoover, Reagan, and Nixon.

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