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View Diary: Evo Morales Wins and Bush's New Bird Shit War (91 comments)

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  •  Water (4.00)
    Great diary. The water issue you brought up is an egregious example of what goes wrong when US cronycorporations such as Bechtel are backed up by supposedly honest brokers such as the World Bank & IMF.

    There is some interesting reporting from the front lines of the Bolivian water riots here

    Check out the following quotes:

    The World Bank:

    No subsidies should be given to ameliorate the increase in water tariffs in Cochabamba.

    As protest leader Oscar Olivera put it:

    (Water-users in wealthy suburbs surrounding Washington, DC, home to many World Bank economists, pay approximately $17 per month for water, less than what many Colombians were asked to pay after water was privatized in one of South America's poorest countries.)
    Olivera continued, "I'd like to meet with Mr. Wolfensohn to educate him on how privatization has been a direct attack on Bolivia's poor. Families with monthly incomes of around $100 have seen their water bills jump to $20 per month - more than they spend on food. I'd like to invite Mr. Wolfensohn to come to Cochabamba and see the reality he apparently can't; see from his office in Washington, DC."

    And right on cue, Bechtel and its proxies in the Bolivian government at the time tried to place the blame on, you guessed it, "narcotraffickers":

    Bechtel ... released a statement claiming that "a number of other water, social and political issues are the root causes of this civil unrest." Moving to shift the blame, Bolivian government spokesman Ronald MacLean told reporters the "subversive" protest was "absolutely politically financed by narcotraffickers."

    No doubt Bushco would like to see Halliburton get its hands on the water this time, and they've even got Wolfowitz handily placed at the World Bank. Here's to the day when we have real leaders, who have a vision beyond providing the muscle for cronycorporations as they try to carpetbag the meager wealth of the least developed countries.

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