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View Diary: UMass student visited by Homeland Security (14 comments)

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  •  I am not now, nor have I ever been (none)
    a member of the communist party.  However I know a few communist and my HS yearbook has a picture of me reading that dangerous book of quotes by Mao.

    Image hosted by

    I could be in big trouble. Oooohhh SCAREY!  I read a book. I'm thinking that next we can expect book burnings in small towns where the people will raid the town library and try to get rid of the evil commie influences.

    PS.... I think communism is a lousy rotten economic system that ALWAYS leads to some type of totalitarian dictatorship, with classes of people exploited by those in power just like any other society.... you know, like in our society where the people in power are the corporate elite and the rest of us are exploited to make them richer...  

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