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  •  Let's confuse Homeland Security! (none)
    In the new year, start checking out dozens of "suspicious" books that will confuse the Homeland Security analysts who are trying to profile subversives (like those who post on Daily Kos).  

    This year, I borrowed from interlibrary loan Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi.  This is a graphic novel about the tragic outcomes of the Iranian revolution.  I also borrowed a medieval bestiary that "decodes" the 12th Century meanings of every animal known to Western culture of that era.  

    If they are monitoring me, I hope this weird combination led to hours of overtime for the Homeland Security psychological staff!

    By the way - Can you imagine a "CSI"-like t.v. series with Homeland Security investigators in the starring roles?  They start with a tiny scrap of paper from the Interlibrary loan, and build a whole investigative case around it. . . . Sexy librarians engage in witty dialogue, wear hip clothing and work in mod laboratories with dramatic lighting that casts melodramatic shadows. . . .

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