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  •  I'd like to light up my residential building (4.00)
    I'd have to enlist my neighbors. We could use say six floors for each letter, so spelling it down would take the top 42 stories. Then, as any plane into Chicago circles out over Lake Michigan waiting to lend, they will see


    in giant white letters every night. I honestly don't think there is a thing anyone could do about it. Private citizens can decide for themselves which lights to turn on and off in their homes.

    •  be careful (none)
      of your landlord or your condo association
      •  Thanks for your concern. (none)
        ...I checked the agreement. It says, " ... shall not place, erect or install any signs or advertisements on the windows, nor on any part of the Building or Premises." Technically, it would not be placing, erecting or installing anything. The difficulty would be in enlisting participation from other units. But even if just for one night, I think it would make an awesome statement. And a great photograph.

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