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  •  Ever read a web article (none)
    from a progressive site and say to yourself "this encapsulates why Bush is such an dangerous douchebag"? Print it up! Include a list of
    progessive web-sites and contact names for your
    senators and representative. Post it at a local community college. Some are taken down and others are read up to 5 times judging by the pinholes.
    Tabling with them is another great idea.

    "Are you trying to play Darwin to the lemurs in your head?"

    •  Tabling at a farmer's (none)
      market, I had a long talk about torture last summer with a winger couple. They asked me what was wrong with torturing terrorists. I replied that after Abu Grad they released several bus-loads of people, so it would seem alot of innocent people must have been caught up in the U.S. efforts and it must have been a real scatter-shot approach.
      I also made the point that the sponsor of the anti-torture legislation, John McCain was tortured by the North- Vietnamese, who considered him an "ememy-combatant" because the US had never declared war on their country. She asked me what my politics wwere  Was I Democrat? I said that it was more the other way around. First I formed opinions on issues like these and then made political connections. It was a good conversation and I feel I made a real connection with them.

      "Are you trying to play Darwin to the lemurs in your head?"

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