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View Diary: Freepers Saying Carter evoked same powers (42 comments)

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  •  Nixon, Yes (4.00)
    And his abuse of the purported powers was what led to the 72 SCOTUS decision.

    Then, in a thumbnail, after Nixon, Sam Ervin and Frank Church held Congressional Hearings on a whole range of abuses by the FBI, CIA, DOD, and the Office of the President, which resulted in widespread outrage.

    In the wake of that, the FISA legislation was a Carter-era initiative to provide clear guidelines to prevent these sorts of "improprieties" from arising again. And some of these "improprieties" were explicitly made criminal.

    And that's where Bush screwed the pooch. He didn't just claim vast unenumerated powers when he authorized the surveillance, he violated the explicit language of the FISA legislation.

    I'm looking for five years in federal lockup.

    We can discuss stress positions in solitary confinement at the discretion of his jailers at an appropriate time, once we've settled the laws on just what constitutes torture.

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