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  •  Our Founding Fathers (none)
    would be leading an ARMED revolution against this.......   maybe we SHOULD all be "bearing arms" - the wackos in Idaho had it right - but were just afraid of the wrong people.
    •  This is the NSA and your comments have been noted (4.00)
      Seriously. Watch what you say. These guys mean business. I just realized something today that until now I assumed was just a distant, far off paranoid fantasy (that I think we've all had in the back of our minds for some time now but refrained from publically discussing for fear of appearing delusional). I think you know what it is--i.e. Echelon, Carnivore, Gitmo...

      I think we're in a race, between using what remains of our democracy to bring these people down (which is the only way they can be brought down without our risking becoming just like them and destroying what we're trying to preserve), and letting them use their subversion of our democracy to finish it off completely.

      Their advantage is years of planning and preparation, fierce determination, lots and lots of money, strong corporate backing, control of all three branches of government, and an utter lack of scruples or humanity.

      Our advantage is that we're collectively smarter and even more determined (if still comparatively disorganized), our democracy, laws and system of checks and balances is not yet fully broken, and growing public outrage at the right's corrupt and incompetent overreach.

      I wouldn't want to handicap this race right now.

      •  Just noting historical precedent.... (4.00)
        and Jefferson was pretty clear about armed insurrection perhaps being nedcessary every few generations to preserve a Democracy.  These guys knew history - far better than we do.  The same pattern goes back to Athens - described by Thucydides...
        •  Realize who you're dealing with (4.00)
          I got what you meant, of course, but these guys won't necessarily see it quite that way. They investigated a bunch of elderly Quakers who met to discuss their opposition to their policies, for god's sakes. They just don't operate the way that normal humans do.

          In any case, we haven't quite reached "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary..." territory yet (at least I don't think so). And if we ever do, well, I hope we'll all know what to do then...

          •  We probably haven't reached it QUITE yet (none)
            But its probably about time to start stocking up on guns and ammo. If/when the time comes when you need them, you're not going to be permitted to buy them - that you can rest assured on. Buy them now and pray to God that the day doesn't come when you have to use them.
            •  If this comes down to my gun skills (none)
              then I don't hold much hope for the future of our republic. I'm a total latte and merlot drinker in this area! ;-)

              Seriously, though, I see no reason to believe that we're anywhere near this level of desperation. Someday, if they're allowed to continue to consolidate their power, lull the unwitting masses with junk tv and food, and dismantle our democratic system, it could come to this. But we're still a long, long way off from such a scenario, and seriously thinking about let alone preparing for it can only be counterproductive--on all sorts of levels, if you know what I mean.

              •  We are not a long way (none)
                from that time of crisis, and we can only avoid the necessity for revolution by acting NOW to bring the problems to the wider public.  This means, I think, taking on all of the pundits, pols and sachems, of whatever stripe, and telling it like it is.  No quarter for the Softballs, NBC go-alongs, and other apologists for the present situation.  It's time for Commmittees of Correspondence, out from under the eyes of the Tories.  It's time to get serious, get disciplined, and find agreement on a few solid, well thought out principles, and do what the Nazis and the Bushies did, Repeat, repeat, repeat.  repeat the truth and don't give them any legitimacy.

                Patriotism may be the last refuge of scoundrels, but religion is assuredly the first.

                by StrayCat on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 06:49:04 AM PST

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          •  I'm not really sure what a rifle will do for you (none)
            when the government starts to carpet bomb you.
      •  we need a kossack buddy system (none)
        so we can tell if someone disappears...

        who's seen my buddy?!?!

        SoapBlox Colorado - The Daily Kos of Colorado

        by pacified on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 12:56:32 AM PST

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    •  That's the one thing (none)
      I wish the Founders had written more about - when to bring it down and re-erect a legitimate government in its place. What are the trip-wires that excuse, by necessity, overthrowing your own government? When are we supposed to recognize that the government we have has irredeemably deviated from the principles it was founded on?

      I think they'd be sharpening their knives right about now too, but maybe that only happened back then because their "Big Brother," and the bulk of its might, was thousands of miles away... Christ, for all I know they'd be sitting here just as confounded as we all seem to be.

      It's no easy thing to decide when the revolution must begin. It would have been nice if they'd left fairly precise instructions about this grave directive for future generations of Americans.

      •  Jefferson got his "periodic revolution" (none)
        but without bloodshed. I refer to the election of 1800, where resentment of the Alien and Sedition acts, among other things, provoked a backlsh that killed the dominant political party.  

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