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  •  It's important to tie it to the GOP as a whole (3.94)
    This incident shows it's deeply embedded in how the party is structured and what its belief system is.

    Getting rid of Bush isn't going to solve it. Getting rid of DeLay isn't going to solve it. Getting rid of individuals in key places isn't going to solve it.

    The few sane Republicans left in this country need to either re-take their party or leave this one, because it is going to destroy this republic before its through.

    •  I've given up on the "sane" Republicans (4.00)
      I used to believe in them. I don't think they exist any more.

      "I have a philosophy about elections. I believe issues divide and values unite."--Gov. Brian Schweitzer

      by Joan McCarter on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 09:33:09 PM PST

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      •  They're getting very uncomfortable (4.00)
        During the 2004 election my rib-rock republican cousin "changed sides" because of the deficit issue, spending, and the overall lack of fiscal responsibility of the current GOP. That's just one individual. Then we saw several editorial pages, otherwise prone to support Republicans, come out in favor of Kerry. Some of the Powers That Were seemed to be getting uncomfortable. This week on NOW there was an interview with Geo. Whitehead, former CEO of Goldman-Sachs who bluntly said that the current manifestation of the GOP was no longer his party. Of interest to me was that he cited the same reasons given by my cousin.

        I am concerned that the GOP will wreck this country, and this democracy, with their "marketing" plan--certainly not their governing plan.  If they don't wreck their own party first. The GOP almost looks like its become the party not of corporations, but of corporate insiders. The fact that people making $20,000 or less will get no tax cut; people making up to $200,00 will get precious little; and, people making between $1m and $2m will get $19,000 only makes sense if it's the insiders who are in charge of the party. The middle class frankly can't take much more. That upper middle class, not the fundamental Christianists, used to be the party base.

        If the GOP is defined as the party of Bible-Bangers (as opposed to Bible readers), corporate crooks, and the bastion of billionaires, then I'd venture the guess that the "real" Republicans (as opposed to the Rovian-Bushites) will first move into the Independent category, and could move further if the GOP can't reclaim its old base.

        I'm not sure how, but I agree that somehow those old fashioned fiscal conservative Republicans who espouse personal liberty and personal privacy rights have to take back their party. I hope they can do it, but with the Right Wing Noise Machine whining away I'm not at all sure they can.

      •  They are watching their backs (none)
        Any Republican who exhibits too much "sanity" in Washington could find himself or herself facing a well-funded primary challenger in 2006.  Or, Rove will make sure that their district loses half of its registered Repubs in the next round of redistricting.

        That's how the GOP keeps 'em in line. Response For Hurricane Evacuees

        by socal on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 10:24:04 PM PST

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      •  Martial Law (none)
        Thanks McJoan, for raising an issue that drives us Crazy.  As we look forward one of the toughest Jobs for the Democrats when we take over in 2007 will be to resist the urge to Make it an eye for an eye  Congress.   Nelson Mandela set a marvelous example of how to return to power.  They never took control of his mind or attitude.  He just kept communicating both inside and outside what had to be done.  We should continue to do the same. jim  P.S thanks for all your support and CONGRATULATIONS on your elevation to the Front Page.
    •  Sad to think (none)
      that the Goldwater republicans we used to be so concerned about now seem almost cuddly compared to the current crop.

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