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    They're just digging themselves in deeper and deeper.  It's amazing.

    You know I stunned some Republican friends of mine a couple of years ago when I demostrated for them, with clearly understandable examples, and common sense how what the Repugs say is so often unsupported by fact - usually undermined by fact.  I went through everything from the Clinton pseudo-scandals, economic policy, tax policy, environmental policy, they're encouraging they're own supporters to ignore the decades of scientific research on global warming - while embracing ALL scientific research that is industry-related, etc.

    They can't convince people of their positions without LYING!  I said "Why should you trust people who so often SHOW YOU that what they say doesn't translate into the results they claim?  That what they say and what they do is most often not the same?  Why should you trust people who've told you for 9 years that Clinton's policy positions would result in the OPPOSITE of what came of them AND turned out almost EXACTLY the way he represented them?  Eh?

    If someone feels they have to lie to you to prove their case, it can ONLY mean that they themselves do not believe the things they say.

    I think I got 3 conversions right there.  And if not immediately, they had some very serious thinking to do.

    Thanks for this diary

    "We, the people..." [shall] "establish justice!"

    by trupatriot on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 09:34:07 PM PST

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