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  •  Watched Senate during the night -- freaky! (4.00)

    Dems were standing up and complaining and giving it to the rethugs but they seemed rather helpless amid all of the dirty tricks the R's were using.

    It was not just pork barrel however, as someone above aluded to. No, they were dealing with ANWAR in this manner, and campaign financing. At one point, I could hardly believe my ears, a Dem was saying that the R's were wrong for trying to tack on to the Defense Bill a new Campaign Finance Law that would ALLOW individuals to give up to a million dollars to their party. He said money could then be sent on to people in Congress. They were trying everything they could under cover of darkness and while members were doubtless, like me, falling asleep!! It is outrageous.

    This is not real democracy! It's highway robbery! It's thuggery! It's awful. The R's act as if they will always be in power and will never have another party leading. They should be put in jail. And yet they are living it up with their perks, their pensions, etc.  It is so disappointing.

    •  This is the MILITIA Law they are (4.00)
      talking about.

      Changing the rules to suit their fancy. Unethical, corrupt, cheating bullying bastards.

      They may as well just join the SS. Yes Mein Kompf. We vill follow you like sheep over the cliff.

      inspire change...don't back down

      by missliberties on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 09:48:56 PM PST

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      •  Nazi Beltbuckles (4.00)
        Directly below the Eagle on Swastika emblem on all WWII Nazi combat belt buckles are the words "Gott mit Uns" (spelling?) which translates to God is with Us ... remind you of anyone?

        'to live one day under tyranny is death to me'

        •  Shit (none)
          It reminds me of a whole LOT of anyones.

          The pieces to the puzzle keep falling into place... and I sure as hell don't like the picture it's makin'.

          I don't like Bizarro World... I want to go home to America.

          by willers on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 02:13:03 PM PST

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    •  D I E B O L D (none)
      They will always be in power.  At leats until there's nothing left to steal.

      They are invulnerable to the wrath of the people and they know it.

      •  Not One to Don a Tinfoil Hat, but ... (none)
        ... this is increasingly becoming my belief.

        The actions of the House, Congress (Nuke Option) and the Executive Branch (Warrantless Spying). These are all actions of a party that doesn't plan on ever being out of power.

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