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  •  I used to work at Sony's data storage labs (none)
    I can say good morning and thank you. Oh, and ask for a beer. I understand the enormous differences between our two cultures though from speaking with engineers who spent time over there. There in Boulder. were some telling things that happened back here as well. I recall watching a brilliant Japanese engineer with a doctorate, but minimal English, attempting to get a Coke from our vending machine. He was staring at the machine then sticking pennies into it by the handful, then pushing buttons, then staring at the coins in his hand and sticking more pennies into it. When I finally stifled my giggle reflex I went over and helped him out. Coke, what the cultures of the world has in common.

    But on the other hand, I recall trying to make heads from tails of a mechanical drawing that was annotated in Japanese. I finally took it to our big boss, a Japanese electrical engineer, and the only symbol on it that he recognized was the one for "hole." I'm not surprised that they came over here to set up R&D work that then gets sent back to Japan for manufacture.

    -6.88/-5.64 West eats meat.

    by John West on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 06:04:39 AM PST

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