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View Diary: Quakers: 1 of Bush's 1,500 Threats (26 comments)

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  •  Why target Quakers? (none)
    They won't fight back.

    These thugs would soil themselves if they had to face someone who was actually dangerous. So to play out their stupid fantasies they bully peaceniks.

    Pathetic, but hardly surprising. Every time Bush has faced an actual crisis, he's bravely turned his tail and fled. There is no courage to be found anywhere in this Administration.

    •  Quakers believe in and work for peace (4.00)
      Empire cannot have peace.

      Like music? Check out my band:

      by lucid on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 10:54:52 PM PST

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    •  quakers fight (none)
      with their minds and their typewriters/computers
    •  I don't know about that.... (none)

      If there's a group that one would consider an ideal front or puppet of the Bush people, it would definitely be ANSWER.

      Quakers are initially a pretty good foil for various fascist efforts.  But when they/we (I'm not quite one) counter in our way, you'd be surprised at how little serious peaceable opposition the lot buckles and foments.  For most of two years I and three elderly people would hand out leaflets in front of our state legislature, for one or two hours once a week.  The legislature was cutting back welfare and medical care money and giving it to local cronies and corporations in the form of tax breaks, and generally plundering the state (as these folks do).  Our leaflet was just facts explaining what the legislature and governor were doing and to whom, we'd hand out maybe fifty a week- some of which people carried into the legislature building and left there.  We later found out that we four were the subject of an awful lot of internal politicking and bellyaching, with their security detail refusing to arrest or molest us on bogus charges and the governor ultimately decided that the embarrassment in court if he ordered the state police to was too much.  Apparently quite a few state legislators got asked in person by visiting constituents whether the contents of the pamphlet were true and the state was being looted by their corporate buddies, and the constant need to lie about it was making them angry and upset.

      I left the state then, and it took four more years, but then that governor resigned and the state government nearly went into receivership when the next guy was in office a few months, it was so thoroughly looted out.  I wonder what would have been if there had been four thousand people like us in the state, mainstream folks with 40 hour jobs and all that and committed to getting that state government exposed and accountable.  But there simply weren't- there were maybe two hundred knowledgeable activists of various abilities around, a handful of state legislators, and two or three newspaper editors active on the sly.  And nearly twelve million people clueless and full of excuses about why they shouldn't or couldn't care, or even agreed with or admired the thievery, or flaky ideologues or potheads or raving folks in need of a good therapist or stuck in hospital beds and wheelchairs, or studying how to get rich in some fashion as a priority.

      So it only takes a relatively few good people.  But dammit, those few good people can be horribly difficult to find in the ignorant masses and very hard to get together to form the needed critical mass of respectability, integrity, commitment, right agreed upon ideas, and determination.  But once it's together, it's an unstoppable force bashing into an immovable object.  The con men contingents have a terrible time with a small group with integrity that rejects their bullshit flatly and demands straight, full, answers.

      Renewal, not mere Reform.

      by killjoy on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 11:53:24 PM PST

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      •  Renewal??? (none)
        That's just what the president is asking for.

        Renewal of the PATRIOT Act, and as the subtitle of Bush's Sunday night address states it: "In Focus: Renewal in Iraq."

        Renewal may be the concept, but certainly not the word to be employed at this juncture. wouldn't be prudent.

        •  I get funny images of (none)

          I think Darryl Hammond on SNL playing Bush Sr.  <nasal> "Wouldn't be prudent.  Won't do it.  Wouldn't be prudent."</nasal>

          Oh, my .sig refers to the Democratic Party.  The Liebermans and Bidens and the rest of the obsolete stuck-in-the-middle-of-the-Cold-War rot out as soon as reasonably possible.

          Bush doesn't do renewal.  He does lipstick changes on the odoriferous diarrhetic pigs that his policies are.

          Renewal, not mere Reform.

          by killjoy on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 12:31:51 AM PST

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    •  Quakers were a big part (none)
      of the anti-Vietnam War movement....

      A small group whose ethics and morality are beyond question can be very powerful in anchoring calls for change.

      When there IS no other alterior motive, what can you say to slander or discredit them.

      THAT is scary to politicians.

      Look at how the Cathars frightened the hell out of the 14th century Catholic Church.....

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