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View Diary: Quakers: 1 of Bush's 1,500 Threats (26 comments)

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  •  'Aid and comfort to the enemy' was election spin (none)
    -- to smear dissenters and political opponents. Doesn't take much for the most paranoid administration in history to twist that into an excuse to monitor.
    Smirk & Sneer have abused government resources and offices MANY times for partisan, political attacks -- ntm egregious abuses like propaganda, extortion and info-harvesting. Why would they show any restraint with this imperious and illegal spying?
    They've even abused terror alerts just to fluff a bill during a news cycle or grab a poll bounce. (I'm so disgusted at that one: not only does it endanger nat'l security and waste first responders' time and funds, it actually TERRORIZES people for no good reason.)
    These lying crooks are beyond sick.

    Treason's Greetings, Karl Rove (DOB Xmas Day, 1950), the grinch who stole freedom.

    by Peanut on Mon Dec 19, 2005 at 11:22:49 PM PST

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