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View Diary: Federal Court Rebuffed *Ashcroft* about wiretaps (in 8/2002!) -- updated (143 comments)

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  •  Not that Rehnquist would appointed softies. (none)
    I see, looking at the FISA appellate court's decision in this case, that Judge Silberman is one of the three judges on the appellate court.  The other two, about whom I know nothing, are Guy and Leavy.  Guy presided, although the opinion was per curiam.
    •  Quite true... (none)
      Renquist was no softie.  Somehow though, and maybe I'm being controversial saying this, Renquist seemed more of an old-time kind of conservative, and not one of the new-fangled, lunatics that characterize the newer type like Roberts.

      I get a bad feeling thinking that Roberts will someday get to appoint judges to our star chamber.

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