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View Diary: The Constitution in Crisis: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment (347 comments)

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  •  Which is precisely why (none)
    Congressman Conyers should not only call into focus his new report on Iraq manipulations (galore) but he should also (in his other hand, so to speak) hold up his Ohio '04 elections report.

    The Dems have a full-court-press coming at them and there are a great many "issues" that they need to fight.

    They have GOT to eat their "wheaties", get their sleep, and FIGHT each and every single day from here until the "tide" changes.  Otherwise, I think these repubs will steamroll right over us.

    They haven't seemed to be slowed very much at all thus far, and a TON of fit has hit the shan.  They have a goal in mind and they won't stop unless forced. (my opinion/fear)

    Election Integrity has to be a top priority, otherwise '06 will just be "manipulated" just like every election since '00.

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