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View Diary: The Constitution in Crisis: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment (347 comments)

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  •  As to censure... (none)
    ...and with all due respect, Congressman, I think that it may be a mistake to offer them something they may take as an "out" when things get a little stickier.  After all, Democrats were clamoring (as was MoveOn), that Congress just "censure and move on" during our last bout with Impeachment.  

    Aside from that strategic consideration, what we know for certain they have done (based on, as you say, the prima facie evidence at hand) is far beyond any behavior appropriate to censure - like, say, lying about an affair.  It is the political equivalent of wagging your finger.  We are talking about war crimes, contravention of the Geneva Convention and of the UN Charter.  Moreover, the case as it already stands doesn't even stray into the Misdemeanor category; it is solid "High Crimes" all the way.  I would hate to see them saying at a later date (in GOP boilerplate): "that's old news, we censured him for this so get over it."  They would do that even if new evidence had arisen, of that we can be certain.  Why give them a straw to clutch?

    Am I off base?  Please don't take this as any kind of comment on your many courageous stands;  just hopping in, like we do around here.

    Jorge's a renegade; there's blood on his hands, oil in his arteries and cyanide inside his glands...

    by nailbender on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 03:05:18 PM PST

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