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  •  Actually I think we are (none)
    I grew up not too far east of Peoria.  Indeed, the people are hard working, salt-of-the-earth types, who are in reality an interesting blend of conservative and liberal.  A blend of christian principles and the words of our founding fathers with a healthy dose of patrotism.  It is still influenced heavily by the agrian ideals of which Jefferson spoke.  They are honest, hard working, and go to church.  Historically, that church has been focused on the new testament, not the fire and brimstone old testament although that has been changing, and it's from these towns and fields that many of today's soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen come.

    In simple terms, you work hard, take care of your business, and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  However, when someone hits hard times, you pitch in and help.  A farmer gets sick or injured, the neighbors pitch in to help out.  Volunteerism is big, but it's not called that, its just what you do. Its the "right" thing.  You stay and help put away all the tables and chairs after the church social, no matter what anyone else does, because its the right thing to do. You clean up after the storm cause its the "right" thing.  You help out after the flood, cause its the "right" thing to do.

    They want to believe that like themselves, the government has their best interest at heart and will act with honor and integrety.  What has happened here, is that Bush stepped over the line in terms of stomping on those sacred words, and after 3 years of reality that didn't match the words spewing from the mouths of Bushco, I truely think we may have hit the tipping point.  I have been afraid this last few months to think we are there yet, but dammit, I think it's happened.  YOu see, there is one more thing about these people.  They'll generally cut you a lot of slack and hell, they'll give you the shirt off their back if you need it.  But once you piss them off.....well, watch out cause there's no going back.

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