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View Diary: Spying: How's it playing in Peoria? (203 comments)

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  •  In order for this to mean anything (4.00)
    to the regular person on the street in "Peoria", it has to affect them personally.  Right now it is all about spying on the bad guys, and not about their lives at all.  Remember, we were brought up on "spy" programs on TV where no one got a court order, at least on camera, before they did any spying.  In the end it was always good that came out of spying, too.

    Maybe if it got down to spying on their mothers, then it might hit home.

    On the other hand, this really bothers scholars and people who have a real interest and love for the constitution (and a few of the unpatriotic enemy helpers like us).  It bothers Wolfe Blitzer, too, who is a little bit bright and is slobering for an impeachment story.  But for once, I am really counting on the academics and people like Barr (bleh) to come through and keep this in the news because it sticks in his craw.  That's the way with Specter, too.  If you notice, Specter was a prosecutor earlier in his life and he is kindof obsessed with law and the constitution.  Despite his better senses, he just can't let something like this go.  It's the constitutional nerds who might be our hero's in this.

    Also, when Nixon's breakin happened, there were all kinds of violations of peoples rights, but people stayed with him for a long time until the end.  My parents who were just ordinary kindof mellow liberal people, a republican and democrat stayed with him for a long time.

    In fact when Nixon was elected for his second term, Watergate was a second rate story about a second rate burlary, buried deep in the papers back pages.  

    Keep hope alive.(this statement is in no way an endorsement of Jessie Jackson)  I'm just sayin.  Keep hope alive!

    •  George Will wrote a piece (4.00)
      critical of the administration.  So did Bruce Fein (formerly of Reagan Justice Dept) and Norman Ornstein of a conservative think tank (forget which one).  Chuck Hagel and Olympia Snowe (along with Dems Feinstein, Wyden, and one more I can't remember at the moment) are calling for an investigation.  To their credit some on the right are calling a spade a spade here.  This is immensely heartening.

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