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  •  Under the Desks (4.00)
    Not only did we have to scramble under our desks at any moment but additionally I had a crazy nun tell me that when the Communists took over we would be asked if we believed in God, while lined up against a wall.  If you said yes, the Commies would shoot you dead but it was better to die as a Catholic then to live as an Athetist.  

    I went home and told my Mom about what the nun said.  She immediately called her uncle, a Monsignor.  Next day...we had a new teacher and the Monsignor came to talk to us, cleared up that Sister wouldn't be back, she was going to be working as a housekeeper in the convent from that time on.  We never had to pray for that O'Hara lady to find God again.  The Monsignor told us it wasn't right to pray for Athetists as they wouldn't want to be prayed for.  Athetists weren't bad people, they just believe differently than we do.  I'm glad he cleared that up.  :)

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