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View Diary: Disgrace: NY Times Knew before the Election (142 comments)

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  •  but... but... (none)

    The New York Times is "liberal"!  I know this because I hear it repeated so much on FoxNews, therefore it must be true.
    •  Therefore... (none)
      The Bush administration must be spying on the NY Times!
      •  !!!!ROVE MYSTERY SOLVED!!!! (none)
        Wait. Don't you see? This is why Karl Rove made his strange noises early this year at that Conservative Party of New York gathering, when he said Democrats -- in response to the attacks of 9/11(!) -- believed Osama bin Laden needed therapy.

        He was giving the administration's prebuttal to the article (about unauthorized domestic eavesdropping) he felt certain the Times would soon publish, now that the election was over.

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