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View Diary: Disgrace: NY Times Knew before the Election (142 comments)

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    Every action taken by the NY Times, when you boil it down, accrues to the benefit of the Bush Administration -- or more importantly, it's Iraq policy.

    Judy Miller ran amok and gave the administration a huge boost in its efforts to sell Saddam as a clear and present danger.

    When it became obvious that Judy was embroiled in a legal situation that was going to demonstrate in spades her willingness to put the quality of the story over the quality of her facts, they turtled.

    They held onto this story, for reasons no one will ever know.

    The only defensible reason would be that they could not run such an explosive pre-election story without oodles of independent confirmation.  Maybe they did not have that until recently.

    But if they had it then, it's one more baffling behavior for a paper that rails against Bush in its editorials but does him substantial favor after favor.

    No, I am not alluding to some conspiracy on the part of the paper's owners.  Like all Americans, they have a right to their opinions on what we should and should not be doing in the Middle East.  Like all humans, they are subject to the enormous temptation of doing everything they can to support a cause they believe deeply enough -- and I cannot imagine anywhere in this country taking the War on Terror more to heart than New York.

    But they lost me as a reader over the whole Miller fiasco.

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