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View Diary: IMPEACH: Guerrilla Marketing Takes Off (200 comments)

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  •  hey we need a few hundred gallons (none)
    anybody have friends with open fields near airports?

    this would be sooooooo sweet

    •  A six pack of paint (4.00)
      goes pretty far, and it's not expensive. Make sure you get your letters wide enough... they should be at least a foot wide, two is better to be seen from a couple of thousand feet.

      We did this before when Bush was arriving!

      By the way, if you're feeling nasty, salt is more permanent, although the letters will be black. This works on lawns, and is visible to pedestrians. It's fairly hard to fix too. Make sure you only do this on your own lawn though...don't even think about doing it on public property, because that would be against the law!

      For over 500 more ideas, click on my signature line...

    •  what about christmas lights (none)
      flat on the ground....


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