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View Diary: IMPEACH: Guerrilla Marketing Takes Off (200 comments)

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    Check out this site:

    This guy rocks, he has posted many signs.  I'm going to try to get him to focus a little more on the "Impeach" message, although he has been all over it from the start, "Chimpeach" appeared in Nov. 2004.

    Lots of good practical tips on quick attachment of banners- I like the binder clips for fences.  Speed is often essential to avoid traffic and/or Bushite scum supporters, although those should be dwindling for anyone connected to reality.

    •  Yes, please list the Freeway Blogger (4.00)
      up top in your list of things to do next time.

      He has specific instructions on how to Freeway Blog
      --get free cardboard (tips on how/where)
      --paint white
      --put on lettering (many tips)
      --put up

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