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    A sad commentary on the state of my life, perhaps, but I gotta tell you, placing those IMPEACH stickers here and there is a rush!

    I've placed four (so far) on one evening's shopping trip. At each stop I would peel a single label from my sheet just before leaving the car and let it adhere lightly to the inside of my index finger as I entered the store.  Once I had selected the target it was pretty simple and inconspicuous to place the tag in places that I figured would get noticed:

    1.  Near the keyboard panel of the ATM in a local supermarket;

    2.  On the front (sliding) door of another market;

    3.  On the door in the beer section at a convenience store

    4.  On the door for 1% milk at the local grocery.

    I'll be interested to see what the half-life of the stickers may be.

    Other targets in mind:  Elevator panel at work; near "start" button of gas pump; on the check-writing platform at the supermarket checkout station (that one will be dicey but high value), etc.

    I think the beauty of this program is in its subliminal approach.  Nothing against freeway signs and such, since they capture so many eyeballs, but there is something so... subversive... about planting many subtle little seeds in the oddest of places. And DAMN, it feels good to help grow a movement.

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