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  •  end doesn't justify the means (none)

    I think that it is a bit unfair (and raises first amendment and restraint of trade issues) to actually block the view of the paper. With my scheme, you don't block the papers expression or impair sales. And technically, you have paid for the advertising insert by inserting a quarter and not taking the paper so you can't be prosecuted for theft of services (papers get around $0.01 per insert copy). If you want to display a banner on the vending machine, better to put it over the metal than the glass. Of course, if the papers had been fulfilling their responsibility, there wouldn't be a need to do this in the first place. So, this is more consideration than they really deserve. But there are better ways to take them to task for not doing their job (for starters, any such criticism should look like criticism, not vandalism). And it is better to spread the message about impeachment by ways that are strictly legal and ethical.

    -6.25, -6.36 Worst. President. Dictator. Ever.

    by whitis on Wed Dec 21, 2005 at 02:13:06 PM PST

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