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View Diary: Not Again! New DOD Spy agency quietly given incredible powers (122 comments)

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  •  What's to watch? (none)
    They have no effective paper trail and are literally black boxes built by republicans.
    •  Which is precisely why the Dems (none)
      need to STOP EVERYTHING right now!!

      I seem to remember that the Repubs put Clinton's agenda into gridlock...and didn't that happen when the Repubs were in the minority?

      Well....Why can't the Dems do that NOW?

      We have another Supreme Court Justice looming here...and he already got ONE in there that can wreak havoc on us all!  

      Hell, we are at soooooo many critical junctures...I just don't feel that BUSHCO are the "correct" ones to make such crucial decisions for the FUTURE of AMERICA!

      It's time for the Dems to take control of this runaway train and  HIT THE BRAKES!!!

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