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View Diary: Not Again! New DOD Spy agency quietly given incredible powers (122 comments)

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  •  Such an organ to spy on US troops and families (none)
    back home makes perfect sense.

    They need to keep an eye on the potential Abu Ghraib and Camp Justice, and Black Hole of Bagram  whistleblowers,  jump on the  James Yees, and come down on the potential Cindy Shehan troublemakers in making, complaining about their dead military  sons and daughters who are not being counted. And guilt-ridden soldier/recent veteran "troublmakers" who feel terrible about the killing and bombing and white phosphorus dusting of civilian areas and towns in Anbar they were ordered to carry out by their commanders, and might be getting ready  to spill their guts to some journalist back home.

    Sure, for very practical and understandanble perception management reasons, Rumsfeld and Bush needs to spy on troops and their families back home.

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